everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. - albert einstein

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But the pleasant autumn weather disguises a government teetering on the brink. Because, at midnight Monday night, the government of this intensely proud and nationalistic people will shut down, a drastic sign of political dysfunction in this moribund republic.

Potential government shutdown: How would the U.S. media report on it if it were happening to another country?

Living in London for a year - and thus getting an honest sense of how US politics comes across to the rest of the world - was an incredibly humbling experience. Nice job, Slate.

Beyond Leaning In: Seven Lessons from Women’s Workforce Participation


I finally got around to sharing some of my knowledge from studying women’s workforce participation in grad school. Especially if you’ve been reading the articles about women running for office lately, give it a look


If you’ve never worked on a political campaign you may not be following Nancy Leed’s entertaining campaignsick meme Tumblr, but anyone who cares about seeing more women in political office - or in the boardroom, or really anyone interested in anything related to women and work - should read her blog post summarizing key lessons from her 2 years studying women’s workforce participation at Columbia. Here are the headlines - click through for more on each lesson:

1) It’s not going to be 50% at the top until it’s 50% at the bottom.

2) We need to stop blaming women.

3) When women run they win at the same rates as men but…they’re more qualified.

4) Women ask “why me?” when men ask “why not me?”

5) “We can be anything” does not mean “we can be everything”

6) You can’t paint with the color grue.

7) Men have it hard too. (Really!)




The House just passed my bipartisan Obamacare repeal bill.

(Oh, and welcome to my new Tumblr!)

Important milestone alert: the very first spat between members of Congress on Tumblr.

(“Apparently, Takano is also the sponsor of H.R. 745213, a Bill to Resolve All House Disputes in the Tumblr Forum.” - h/t markcoatney.com)

That moment when you know you’re doing something right at work.