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$$$ and what they spending it on

Now THIS is taking a meme to the next level (it’s really not as silly as the title might suggest)!

This project by a couple of Berlin artists, supported by the Swiss newspaper of record, will satisfy your cravings for delicious dataviz and well-sourced burgers & fries all at the same time.


Claire Felicie’s photographs Marines’ faces before, during, and after Afghanistan

How do life-changing experiences concretely impact the way we look? Does tragedy truly show up in our eyes and brow? These are questions that fascinate Claire Felicie, who photographed the faces of 20 Dutch Marines before, during, and after their tour of duty in Afghanistan. From first photo to last photo, only 12 months passed, but a great deal happened in these young men’s lives. 

Worth a thousand words. So powerful.


Gharyan, Libya | July 23, 2012 

Illegal migrants from Nigeria, held at a Libyan detention center, wait to be processed and receive travel papers, enabling them to be repatriated via a UN chartered plane. Libyan authorities have been increasingly hostile to African migrants and the threat of deportation includes transportation via a truck through the blisteringly hot Sahara desert. (Photo by Benjamin Lowy/Getty Reportage)

Conflict photographer Ben Lowy, on a grant from the Magnum Foundation’s Emergency Fund, is shooting from Libya on the first-ever photojournalism inspired Hipstamatic lens — and posting exclusively to Tumblr. Check out Lowy’s Tumblr and Storyboard for more. Also see Storyboard’s interview with the photographer.

One of my favorite #Storyboard offerings yet.