everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. - albert einstein

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Meme culture as the old guard knows it is dead. Memes themselves, in their new version of the word and new understanding, are flourishing and will for…well I’m not sure about that, but at least for awhile.

Evolution is a necessarily evil. I stand by the fact that the internet culture I grew up with is dead (no teenager now will ever understand America Online). I believe that a very small amount of people who participate in recent meme culture have a strong desire to understand where it came from. History doesn’t matter, history is not worth the same to younger participants. The social capital exists in the moment. It is fleeting and to gain it, you need to be there and see it unfold before it’s gone.

amandab!: Memes are Dead, Long Live the Meme   (via kenyatta)

There is something so well-worn and frankly old-fashioned about the internet “old guard” mourning the adoption/co-option of its inside jokes, lingo, and platforms by mainstream culture: such nostalgia is probably as old as culture and language themselves, except that digital evolves more quickly than any cultural expression we’ve heretofore seen.

I agree that evolution is inevitable, but it is not evil. And history DOES matter, if only to a precious few. Just as linguists try to understand the evolution of language without judgement about its correct-ness, we will see the emergence of cultural/technological historians who chart the evolution of Internet culture. But as with any form of history, those things which seem important & carries social capital today may not make it into the historical canon. Some things of value will be lost in this process, but, be honest: how many milestones in meme culture really deserve to be canonized?

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While I agree that “the hipster is a walking citation” and maybe even that “ironic living is a first-world problem,” and while I, too, value authentic human interaction and engagement with the world (I am, after all, a reformed sincerity-hawk)…there are so many problems with this piece that I don’t even know where to begin. (For a start, what’s up with the nostalgia for a time when fashion was not about nostalgia?)

The phenomenon of hipster-hatred is worth a study unto itself - how is it that the hipster has become the emblem of all things wrong with society? In my book, while apathy and cynicism are inherently poisonous, irony, sarcasm, and self-awareness are not - with everything in moderation, of course. 


Myspace Has Revamped Its Site ‘Totally From Scratch’, Launching Soon

If it works like the demos I’ve seen, the site is absolutely gorgeous. But if the front AND back end are both totally new, why why why keep the old branding? I started my career at Myspace during the glory days and have a lot of fond memories; I just can’t imagine it’s worthwhile for them to drag that baggage around.