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The Difference Between Nerds and Hipsters with Glasses

or Why Do Does Everyone Hate Hipsters So Much, Anyway?

Thank you, PBS. The only thing missing here is the idea of hipster as fashion: because if all fashion is performative, we’re right back to the question of why people hate hipster fashion more than other fashion. Perhaps it’s something about the always-messy relationship between fashion and identity, and how sensitive we are about what we believe the boundaries should our shouldn’t be between the two?

While I agree that “the hipster is a walking citation” and maybe even that “ironic living is a first-world problem,” and while I, too, value authentic human interaction and engagement with the world (I am, after all, a reformed sincerity-hawk)…there are so many problems with this piece that I don’t even know where to begin. (For a start, what’s up with the nostalgia for a time when fashion was not about nostalgia?)

The phenomenon of hipster-hatred is worth a study unto itself - how is it that the hipster has become the emblem of all things wrong with society? In my book, while apathy and cynicism are inherently poisonous, irony, sarcasm, and self-awareness are not - with everything in moderation, of course.